Welcome aboard TELUS our new corporate sponsor

Welcome Telus

 Sardis Falcons football is excited to  welcome TELUS to our family. They have generously agreed to team up with us and come aboard as our major corporate sponsor.  

Congratulations to our First Ever Conference All-Stars


Josh Janssen


DJ Stephens


Nick Butler

Year 1 comes to an end with another Falcons Victory

A very impressive 4-4 record in year 1 for the Sardis Falcons

With the victory on November 3rd the Falcons season came to a conclusion.  That victory over Eric Hambe was a big one as it brought  the Falcons record back to .500 at 4-4. This is a major accomplishment for a first year program in any tier. Even all the more sweeter as it was in AAA. 

In case you missed the game we got you covered

Forever a Falcon

#31 will live on forever in our hearts and memories

Rick Klassen's #31 will proudly hang in Sardis Secondary as our first and only Falcon to have his number retired.  

Alumni We want to hear from you

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If you are a former Sardis Falcon we would love to hear from you. Please click on the link below and fill out your information so we can add you to our alumni data base. 


Alumni already registered 

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About Us

Team Philosophy


To supply student athletes with a positive environment where they can grow in both sport, and life. Through a culture first approach, we promote accountability and emphasize that every action, no matter how small, affects the team as a whole. All stakeholders of the team are recognized, as the success of each member will lead to a collective goal.


Falcon Tough/Core Values

What it means to be Falcon Tough. Have the strength, or ability, to withstand adverse conditions both mentally and physically. Physical toughness means showing up ready to practice training or play every day despite being sore and banged up. Also means we will punch first and continue to keep punching. Mental toughness is how fast you can respond to bad things. (FT) or Falcon tough will be the backbone of our program. 

Energy- needs to be brought in every practice drill training session and game. Your energy needs to be positive and contagious so it brings everyone to the same level. 

Competition- Challenge yourself and others to be better every day every drill every rep. 

Accountability/Discipline- Doing what you should be doing when you should be doing it how you should be doing it all the time. 

Family- I got your 6. No matter what the situation Falcons are family and good or bad on or off the field, we will have each other’s back. Falcons for Life. 

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